Tom Adams Model

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Tom Adams' Davis Banjo

Serial #0001, delivered January 29, 2016
Image shows the Davis peghead (left)
and the select mahogany neck (right)

Rosewood Fingerboard on the Davis Banjo

Modified Wreath Pattern Inlay
Tom selected 4 spikes for the 5th string (left)
Tom Adams block at the 21st fret (right)

Quilted Mahogany Resonator

Concentric Rings on the resonator
Nickel Plated Hardware
1 Piece Flange

Memphis Belle Flat Head Tone Ring

3-Ply Canadian Maple rim made with Hide Glue
Davis Bridge
GHS Strings

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Tom Adams Model is one of their Artist Models
Serial Number 0001 - 7
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Photos by Dean Hoffmeyer