Boulevard of Broken Dreams

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From Tom's "Adams County Banjo" column in the July 2005 Banjo Newsletter.

Here's a sample of the MP3 with Tom on banjo, mandolin, and guitar AUDIO:

This banjo tab is based on Green Day's hit song "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" from the band's 2004 album American Idiot.

Format: PDF and TEF. The FREE TablEdit software is used to play this tab on your device. Get the FREE tab player here.

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Style: Tom Adams-style 3-finger banjo playing

The tab covers the signature instrumental lines, vocal verse and vocal chorus as heard on the first 1 min 27 sec of Green Day's hit single.
G Tuning, gDGBD

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Tab for East Virginia Blues

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Transcribed from live recordings, you get 7 banjo breaks from 5 different shows by J.D. Crowe.

You get banjo tab transcribed from:
1969 and 1971 - J.D. Crowe and the Kentucky Mountain Boys
1974, 1975 and ca. 2003-09 - J.D. Crowe and the New South

This collection of tabs will give you the opportunity to study the playing of the legendary J.D. Crowe in particular but in a more general sense you'll see and hear how professional banjo players vary the notes within their breaks. All seven breaks are clearly "East Virginia Blues" as Crowe, over a 40-year span of live recordings, builds each break on the same interpretation of the melody.

As you compare these 7 banjo breaks, you'll clearly hear the main theme stated in each break and you'll notice the various licks that are inserted that make each break unique.

2 of the 7 breaks are from performances where Crowe gets to play a second banjo break just before the final vocal verse of "East Virginia Blues". You'll hear how he takes a "hotter" solo than the one he used to open the song.

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Tab for White Oak On The Hill

$5.99 Instant Digital Download Banjo Tab PDF + TEF + MP3

Here's a sample of the chorus as recorded by Ralph Stanley in 1988:

Listen to this sample of the break and backup from the MP3:

In the late 1980s, when I was in the Johnson Mountain Boys, Ralph Stanley's band consisted of the members heard on this recording of White Oak On The Hill from Ralph's album "I'll Answer The Call".

The 1988 recording features instrumental turnarounds by the fiddle and guitar. No banjo break appears on "White Oak" so, based on Sammy Adkins' lead vocal, I wrote the tab for a full verse break to the song. The backup is based on the two-string up-the-neck backup that you hear Ralph playing on the track.

The accompanying MP3 is played with my banjo capoed at the 2nd fret for the Key of A, the key used on the Stanley LP.

Lyrics are shown below the tab in both the Break and the Backup to indicate where you are in the song as you play through the tab.

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Tab for a Dozen Cabin Songs

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- Blue Ridge Cabin Home
- Little Cabin Home On The Hill
- My Cabin In Caroline
- Cabin On A Mountain
- Cabin Of Love
- Moonlight On My Cabin
- Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane
- An Old Log Cabin For Sale
- Dreaming Of A Little Cabin
- Cabin On The Hill
- Lord, Build Me A Cabin
- Where No Cabins Fall

8.18.2016 You get one full banjo break for each of these 12 bluegrass and bluegrass gospel classics. Click the video to hear the melody of the songs on which these banjo tabs are based:

You'll be ready to get your Cabin on at the next jam with this 12-pack of banjo tabs. The tabs are based on the melody of the song rather than being a transcription of any particular player's banjo solo.

All songs in G Tuning.

You get a PDF and a TablEdit TEF for each song.

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Tab for Mountain Dew

You get 3 breaks with this tab. Two down-the-neck breaks - a Verse break and a Chorus break plus an up-the-neck break where the melody falls mainly on the first and second strings. Tom Adams-style 3-finger playing. Key of G, G tuning gDGBD

Originally recorded by Grandpa Jones in 1947 for King Records - with the banjo played in the clawhammer style - the song is a natural for the 3-finger style and is a popular number at many bluegrass jams. The melody of this song is widely interpreted, often with the singer at a jam choosing to forego the high notes, but this banjo tab follows the melody as sung by Grandpa Jones in his many recordings and performances of Mountain Dew.

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Tab for True Life Blues

Tab For All Keys. Recorded by Bill Monroe in 1945, this is a classic bluegrass number that's been recorded by many artists including Kathy Kallick, Del McCoury and even as a guitar instrumental by George Shuffler and James Alan Shelton.

The banjo tab includes breaks for both the Open G position and the C-chord position so you can play the song in any of the eight common bluegrass keys - anywhere the singer wants to sing it - you're ready to pick! Tom Adams style 3-finger picking. 2 Full Breaks, G Tuning, gDGBD.

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Tab for In The Sweet By And By

Tab For All Keys. Play a break to this song in G without a capo. This item also comes with a break played in the C-chord position. Full Breaks for both the Verse and the Chorus. Couple these two tabs with a Capo and you can play this song in all 8 Keys commonly used in Bluegrass Music. You can play it where the singer wants to sing it! Format: PDF and TEF. The FREE TablEdit software is used to play this tab on your device. Get the FREE tab player here. Delivery: Instant Digital Download by Selz, Style: Tom Adams-style 3-finger banjo playing, G Tuning, gDGBD.

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Tab for When The Saints Go Marching In

Tab For All Keys. Recordings of When The Saints Go Marching In date back to the 1920s. Several popular variations include versions where only the Chorus melody is used (the familiar call and response "Oh when the saints [oh when the saints] go marching in [go marching in]") while other versions also feature the Verse melody ("I am just a weary pilgrim....").

This banjo tab includes breaks for both the Verse and the Chorus plus the tab is written for both Open G breaks and breaks based in the C chord position. *When you combine this tab with the use of a capo, you can play the song in any Key. Standard G Tuning is used.

Listen to this audio clip of Bill and Gloria Gaither to hear the Verse melody: AUDIO:

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Tab for Mary At The Home Place

The tab contains two full breaks. The first break is a transcription of Ted Lundy's playing on the 1978 album "Lovesick and Sorrow" by Ted Lundy, Bob Paisley & the Southern Mountain Boys. The second break is one written by Tom Adams. Both breaks are down-the-neck. Written by Ken Clark and recorded by Bill Monroe in 1964, Mary At The Home Place has the classic traditional bluegrass sound.

Listen to Mary At The Home Place on the 1978 album by Ted Lundy, Bob Paisley & the Southern Mountain Boys AUDIO:

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Tab for Love Me Darling, Just Tonight

You get 4 complete banjo breaks with this item. Two breaks as played by Ralph Stanley on the Stanley Brothers 1958 session for King Records and two breaks as played by Tom Adams in 2001 for Shawn Lane's album "All For Today". Ralph's second break starts out up-the-neck for the first half before moving back down-the-neck for some signature rolls where the index finger picks the 4th string. Tom's second break features one of his signature time-shifted licks as the tune moves from the 4 chord back to the 1.

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Tab for Banjo In The Hollow: Dillards Original

This is Tom's transcription of Doug Dillard's playing on The Dillards' 1963 album "Back Porch Bluegrass". Banjo In The Hollow as played and written by Doug Dillard is different from the beginner level tune by the same name. G Tuning, gDGBD, Key of A, capo 2nd fret and play as in G. Search YouTube for "The Dillards - Banjo In The Hollow" to hear the audio on which this tab is based.

If you learned the beginner level version and you'd now like to learn the tune with the right-hand rolls, left-hand fingering and chord progression as heard on The Dillards' classic original, this tab's for you. Recommended: play the tune in the Key of A (capo 2nd fret), where the frets are closer together to make the left-hand fingering in Part B easier.

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Tab for Keep On the Sunny Side

Recorded in 1928 by the Carter Family and featured in the 2000 motion picture O Brother, Where Art Thou? sung by The Whites, Keep On the Sunny Side is a classic country / bluegrass song. You get a banjo tab for playing in the Key of G (and you can use a capo to also play in the Keys of A, Bb and B) and a tab for playing in the C chord position (you can use a capo to also play in the Keys of D, E and F). So, no matter where the singer wants to place the song, you can play a break. The tab comes with full verse and full chorus breaks for each Key. Have fun picking this popular song at your next jam! Tab by Tom Adams.

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Tab for Greenville Trestle High

Full Verse Breaks and Chorus Breaks in both Open G position and D position for Doc Watson's classic Greenville Trestle High. Tom Adams has tabbed out the banjo breaks in different Keys so that you can either play along with the original Doc Watson recording or you can play the song in the Key of G, using the familiar Open G Tuning (gDGBD). Based on Doc's recording of Greenville Trestle High on the album "Riding The Midnight Train" and played at 93 bpm. Includes the lyrics so you can follow along and match where you are in your banjo solo with the words to the song as sung by Doc Watson. By playing these tabs and using a capo, you can place this song in any Key required by the singer in your group or jam!

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Alphabetical Listing of Banjo Tab

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A Dozen Cabin Songs
Amazing Grace
Ashes of Love
Ashokan Farewell
Banjo In The Hollow
Banks Of The Ohio
Before I Met You
Black Mountain Rag
Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Blue Ridge Cabin Home
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
Blue Yodel No. 3
Bluegrass Breakdown
Bluegrass Express
Born With A Hammer In My Hand
Box Elder Beetles
Brand New Shoes
Bugle Call Rag
Can't You Hear Me Callin'
Carolina In My Mind
Clinch Mountain Backstep
Cluck Old Hen
Columbus Stockade Blues
Come Back To Me In My Dreams
Cripple Creek
Cryin' Holy
Don't Forget Me, Little Darlin'
Don't Give Your Heart To A Rambler
Down In The Valley
Down The Road
Down To The River To Pray
First Whippoorwill, The
Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Foggy Mountain Special
Four Walls Around Me
Goodbye Old Pal
Greenville Trestle High
Hanging Tree
Hard, Ain't It Hard
Harry Potter Music
Hot Corn, Cold Corn
How Mountain Girls Can Love
Humble and Kind
I Saw The Light
I'll Fly Away
I'm Lonesome Without You
I'm Sitting On Top Of The World
I'm Using My Bible for a Roadmap
In The Sweet By And By
It Rains Everywhere I Go
I've Endured - Tom Adams
I've Endured - Bill Runkle
Jesse James
Jesse James - in D chord position
John Hardy
Katy Daley
Keep On the Sunny Side
Last Date
Linus and Lucy
Lisa's Joy
Listen To The Music
Little Cabin Home On The Hill
Little Darlin', Pal of Mine
Lonesome Road Blues
Long Journey Home (Two Dollar Bill)
Love Gone Cold
Love Me Darling Just Tonight
Love Please Come Home
Mary At The Home Place
Maury River Blues
Mountain Dew
My Rose Of Old Kentucky
Nashville Skyline Rag
Nine Pound Hammer
No Mother Or Dad
Old Home Place
Petticoat Junction
Pick Along
Rank Stranger
Red Haired Boy and Big Sciota
Red Line to Shady Grove
Rocky Top
Rocky Top - in C chord position
Rosa Lee McFall
Sawmill Shuffle
Shortnin' Bread
Shouting On The Hills Of Glory
Some Old Day
Sunny Side Of The Mountain
Sweet Dixie
Take Me Home, Country Roads
True Life Blues
Unwanted Love
Wabash Cannonball
Wagon Wheel
Walt's Breakdown
Washington County
What A Wonderful World
When The Saints Go Marching In
White Oak On The Hill
Wildwood Flower
Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Wreck of the Old 97
You Don't Know My Mind
Your Cheatin' Heart
Your Love Is Like a Flower