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Index of Tabs 2000 - 2011

A Top

A Taste Of Honey (Nov 2002)

Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow (Feb 2000)

Alabama (Aug 2001)

Andy Griffith Show Theme, The (The Fishin' Hole) (Mar 2010)

Ashokan Farewell (Mar 2002)

B Top

Banjo Picking Girl (Apr 2007)

Battle Cry Of Freedom (Jul 2011)

Beautiful Brown Eyes (Mar 2008)

Benny's Revenge (Sep 2002)

Biting Sow, The (Dec 2001)

Black Mountain Blues (Sep 2000)

Blowin' In The Wind (Jul 2009)

Blue Diamond Mines (Feb 2003)

Blue Grass Twist (May 2000)

Blue Skies and Teardrops (May 2009)

Blue Suede Shoes (Jan 2003)

Bluest Man In Town (3 backup licks) (Jul 2001)

Born With A Hammer In My Hand (Jun 2004)

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Jul 2005)

Buckaroo (Jun 2006)

Bull Run (Jul 2002)

C Top

California Dreamin' (Aug 2008)

Carolina In My Mind (Mar 2007)

Chicken On The Banjo (Jun 2005)

Chipmunk Song, The (Christmas Don't Be Late) (Dec 2009)

Classical Gas (Oct 2003)

Coal Tattoo (Nov 2001)

Crazy Heart (Sep 2006)

Cripple Creek (Apr 2009)

Cry Of The Whippoorwill (Sep 2001)

D Top

Dance Around Molly (Apr 2002)

Darlin' Nellie Across The Sea (Nov 2008)

Dead Mouse (May 2008)

Do You Feel Like We Do (Aug 2002)

Don't Come Out Of The Hole (Mar 2004)

Don't Put Her Down, You Helped Put Her There (Nov 2001)

Don't You Call My Name (Jun 2002)

Down To The River To Pray (Feb 2004)

Dream Of A Miner's Child (Apr 2006)

Drowned In The Deep Blue Sea (Jun 2000)

Duncan And Brady (He's Been On The Job Too Long) (Apr 2003)

E Top

Everything I Own (Aug 2010)

F Top

Feelin' Stronger Every Day (Apr 2004)

Five Speed (Mar 2001)

Free Bird (Dec 2005)

Future Remains, The (backup) (Jul 2003)

G Top

Georgia Stomp (Nov 2000)

Get Up, Stand Up (May 2006)

Ginny Whitt's (Jan 2002)

Goin' To Georgia (Jan 2001)

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer (Dec 2004)

H Top

Hearts Of Scotland, The (Oct 2009)

Here Comes Peter Cottontail (Apr 2001)

Here Comes The Sun (Jun 2007)

Hillbilly Twist (May 2011)

Hobo Song, The (Aug 2000)

Home Sweet Home (Jan 2011)

Hotel California (Jul 2004)

House Carpenter (Oct 2007)

I Top

I Could Change My Mind (Jan 2000)

I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Nov 2007)

I Hung My Head (Oct 2002)

I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name (Jun 2008)

I Wonder Where You Are Tonight (Jan 2006)

I'll Fly Away - D chord position (Apr 2011)

I'll Get By (Feb 2002)

I'm Walking The Dog (Apr 2010)

Imagine (Dec 2007)

In The Gloryland (Oct 2006)

In The Jailhouse Now (Dec 2008)

Indecision (Dec 2010)

It Don't Bring You Back To Me (Sep 2003)

J Top

John Henry (Jun 2002)

Johnson Mountain Chimes (Nov 2006)

Joy To The World (Dec 2000)

K Top

Kickin' Grass (May 2002)

King of the Road (Feb 2007)

L Top

Last Date (Aug 2006)

Leavin' (Feb 2002)

Let Me Rest At The End Of My Journey (Sep 2009)

Lickity Split (May 2010)

Light At The River (Sep 2008)

Linus And Lucy (Jun 2003)

Listen To The Music (Oct 2000)

Little Sadie (Jun 2009)

Lonely Old Town (Jan 2004)

Lonesome Hearted Blues (May 2004)

Lonesome Pine Special (Jun 2011)

Lonesome River, The (Mar 2006)

Long Journey Home (Jul 2001)

Lord Mayo (March) / Gavotte (Apr 2008)

Love Grown Cold (Feb 2001)

Love Me Darling Just Tonight (Nov 2010)

Lovesick And Sorrow (Jan 2005)

Lucky One, The (Jul 2007)

M Top

Maiden's Prayer (Nov 2005)

Mama's Hand (Oct 2010)

Man Of Constant Sorrow (Aug 2004)

Meet Me By The Moonlight (Jul 2008)

Miss McLeod's Reel (Mar 2009)

Monkees, (Theme from) The (Dec 2003)

Munsters Theme, The (Oct 2008)

Mr. Bojangles (Oct 2004)

My Heart Skips A Beat (Nov 2004)

My Hometown (Jul 2010)

N Top

New Country (Jul 2006)

O Top

Oh, Susanna (Aug 2005)

Ohio (May 2005)

Old Swinging Bridge (Jan 2005)

One Way Ticket To The Blues (Dec 2010)

Orange Blossom Special (Sep 2010)

Our Last Goodbye (Nov 2003)

P Top

Pink Panther, The (Feb 2006)

Popcorn (Oct 2005)

Prisoner's Song, The (Jul 2008)

R Top

Ragtime Annie (Sep 2005)

Rebecca (Nov 2002) (Tab Of The Month - not ACB)

Red Line To Shady Grove (Apr 2005)

Ricestrow (Dec 2006)

Rocket Man (Mar 2003)

Roll On Blues (Nov 2003)

Roll On Buddy, Roll On (Apr 2007)

S Top

Send The Angels Down (Mar 2005)

Shenandoah Breakdown (Jan 2010)

Slowly (Mar 2011)

Some Day (Feb 2011)

Standing In The Need Of Prayer (Mar 2000)

T Top

Take Me Home, Country Roads (Aug 2003)

Tallahassee (Feb 2010)

Teardrops Fell Like Raindrops (backup) (Jul 2003)

There Goes My Love (Sep 2003)

Together Again (Feb 2009)

Too Late To Walk The Floor (Nov 2009)

Troubles Up And Down The Road (Aug 2004)

Tuesday Afternoon (Feb 2005)

Turn The Page (May 2001)

Two O'clock In The Morning (Sep 2004)

U Top Unwanted Love (Jul 2000)

V Top

Virginia Darling (Jun 2010)

W Top

Washington County (Dec 2002)

Waves On The Sea (Oct 2007)

Weary Lonesome Blues (Jan 2009)

What a Wonderful World (Jan 2007)

Which Way To Turn (Jun 2001)

Whispering Waters (Aug 2009)

Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On (Sep 2007)

Wicked Path of Sin (May 2007)
Tom Adams with Rob Baker

Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Oct 2001)

Wildwood Flower Blues (Feb 2008)

Wings of Angels (May 2007)

Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald (Jun 2000)

Y Top

You Are My Flower (Aug 2007)

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (Apr 2000)